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Originally Posted by jmstr
I like the history, but I'm a user: not a collector. I acquire firearms I wish to shoot as often as I can afford to. My mindset isn't geared to 'safe queens' that I'll never fire.

So, what am I missing?...

Any thoughts to help me make sense of my experience?
Here's a quip I offered from a current thread on another forum that might help:

There's no question the Python is a high quality & accurate revolver, and represents the apex of fit & finish. But, as a shooter, many feel it's overrated; or more precisely, that there are alternatives nowadays, and they include newer production guns. I know a good number of superb wheelgunners, and while a Python might be on their "some day" list, it generally gets a pretty low priority score.
My opinion? Get a S&W or Ruger, get the action tuned, install sights you can see, and shoot the batsnot out of it.
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