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The new Gen4 Glock 19 is a nightmare of unreliability.
Ugh...Could you be more vague?

My 19 has never hiccuped and yes it's a Gen4. Just over 1,000 rounds through it. Not a single problem from the factory.

And to those saying "it's because they're the lowest bidder" as to why LE agencies such as the one I was in issues them. That's simply false. Not very nice to think our government only cares about money and not the safety of their local law enforcement. Where I have reasons that they don't in some aspects, our sidearms aren't one of them. They're chosen for reliability reasons, mass production reasons, yes the blue label discount helps. (like my Glock 17) However it's not all about money. It's so much easier to find a Glock armorer than a 1911 smith that knows what he's doing.

With that said...My SIG Sauer P226 has been my most used and tried and true gun that I own.

I'm just a lot more accurate with the Glock 17/19 under stress, with the same consistent trigger pull, and low bore axis than I am with the SIG or any of my other guns. Not including the 1911...However...8/9 rds before the next reload? Eh... I would have loved to learn under stress of course. The operation of a 1911...I'm trained under SIG and Glock. Swiping off that safety feels unnatural to do under stress..Again! Cause I wasn't trained under the 1911. But I'll stick to the higher capacity mags anyways.

Get the Glock...Tried and true, longer running time. It's not ALL business for the lowest and cheapest gun. That's not entirely true. Price does matter. If it was so much about price we'd all have Taurus Millenniums.
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