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If you plan to some day compete with a revolver, I suggest moving up to the N-Frame 627, 8 shot, that uses moon clips. Reloads are fewer and quicker.
If you plan on competing someday, I suggest finding out which competitions are held in your area, deciding which interest you, then reading the relevant rulebook(s). A moonclipped 8-shot 627, for example, would be good for ICORE Limited and Steel Challenge, but not IDPA or USPSA.

As far as the 686 as a match gun, I can't of any gun game where a 7-shot 686+ would be the better option, so I'd opt for the 6-shot 686. If you're going to have a gunsmith tune it anyway, get the standard 686. If not, consider the 686SSR.

Yours truly at this year's IDPA Nationals, ejecting 6 (not 7 ) cases from my 686:

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