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i was in the same boat when i first took my class. i didn't end up actually submitting my paperwork for almost a year after taking the class.

usually it's restaurants, banks, government buildings, and office buildings. i see very very few grocery stores with the signs. i haven't been to the movie theaters in a couple years, but i carry in those whenever i go.

i assume you are looking at 380 by your gun choices. the bersa is a fantastic (and cheap!) option. a buddy of mine who i took the class with qualified with his bersa 380. the sig p232 is cool looking, but beware of the slide. it sits low and is very sharp. if you have much meat to your hands, it will cut up your hand pretty bad. try to shoot one first if you can.

in a similar size but 9mm caliber, look at the walther pps. its felt recoil is about what the bersa is.
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