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Well, I was thinking that I might have to return my TRS to see if I could maybe get a better lookin dot. After reading all the good reviews on them I was expecting a better looking dot than what I'm seeing now.

Does anybody know if all these TRS dots are similar to what I described or or some more clear than mine? I would like to know before I waste my time returning it & having to wait for another.

The main reason I opted for the red dot instead of the traditional crosshairs scope is my use for it is a defense rifle, close combat, etc. So, in light of that, I guess if all these TRS dots are like mine, & even if I keep do keep it, I'm assuming that it would still serve my purpose.

Hope someone's got some more info?
Hey Bulletproof, I got a chance to look at my roomate's TRS last night. It is pretty much exactly as you stated. The red dot itself resembles some "clustered grapes" at the highest brightness setting, so I don't think there's anything wrong with yours. They probably all come like that.

I would suggest just keeping it and using the lower brightness settings. I think it has 11 brightness settings if I remember correctly? its still a good RDS and very compact, which is what I really like about it. I might end up picking one up myself in the future once my next AR is built. For around $80 its still a good buy. If this was an $800 Aimpoint or Trijicon it would be a different story. But for a fraction of the price for the TRS, you can't go wrong.
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