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I'm sure you are using magnum primers. The amount of powder probably could be increased a little. Depending on the bullet you are using, I looked at data I have and find you could be using closer to 22 grains of powder. One profile showed 20 to 22 grains of powder. Another profile showed 22 to 24 grains of powder. Some powders will burn cleaner with more powder. I have found unburnt powder in some other pistol loads I have used when loading light loads. When I increased the powder to between mid range and max using the same powder I didn't get that problem. When you are first starting out loading, it might not make sense to add powder to reduce the amount of powder not burning. I suggest working up the load none the less. You probably will find a better load for your needs.

Speer lists N110 as the preferred powder to use with 240 grain jacketed bullets.
Speer listed OAL of 1.575", 22.0 to 24.0 grains of powder. It also noted using a 240 grain JSP-SWC bullet you need to reduce max charges by 1.0 grain of powder.

I doubt you need to increase the amount of crimp.

When I load less than published data in .357 mag I use a faster powder rather than a slower powder. Slower powders seemed to work better for me at mid range and above. .44 mag loads I would think should be similar.

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