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Old Roper, your post on Sierra's quality stuff on their bullets is good, but it says nothing about the tools used to size their cases, charge the cases with powder nor do anything with their new cases before loading them. That's what I suggested folks find out by contacting them.

603Country, you do have access to the technology Sierra has to make their bullets shoot as well as they do. They test bullets during production runs as they come out of the final forming stage (pointing die) and put 'em in primed cases charged with powder then seat them; none are weighed for testing before they're fired in accuracy tests. Sierra buys over-the-counter Redding full length sizing dies to size their cases used to test bullets for accuracy. They use bushing dies for cartridges they're available for and standard ones for the rest. Powder is metered directly into cases, it's not weighed, and good powder measures are also available at retail stores. As they don't prep cases in any way, you can buy new ones just like they do at retail. You could also have a rail gun built to shoot bullets the most accurate, but use what you have just like they do for developing reloading data with factory rifles.

Browninghunter86, nobody I know of winning matches and setting records weighs primers; it's a waste of time and far from accurate. There's no way to separate the weight of the priming compound itself from the metal cup, anvil and seal without destroying the primer. Just shoot the darned things. Weigh a new primer before it's fired then weigh it again after it's fired; it won't be very much lighter. Milder ones with extruded powder tend to produce better accuracy than any one with ball powder.

To all those wanting to weigh everything to get sub 1/3 MOA accuracy at 100 yards to sub 2/3 MOA at 600 yards. If you don't want to spend all that time weighing stuff, just buy Black Hills Gold, Federal Gold Medal Match or Hornady Match ammo for the cartridge you want; they don't waste time weighing bullets, powder charges, cases nor primers. Then get a top quality barrel with a groove diameter 5 ten thousandths smaller than the bullet's diameter and a good SAAMI spec chamber fitted to a stiff, flat bottom/side receiver that's epoxy bedded in a decent stock that totally free-floats the barrel; all put together by someone who knows how and has a track record to prove it. Then you'll have the stuff that'll shoot that well. The rest is up to you.

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