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H&R 686

Stopped by a pawn shop yesterday and walked out with what I went in for, as well as a beautiful, minty H&R 686. I have a friend that has a older H&R double action (676?), which I have always felt was not much of a gun--not terribly accurate, heavy trigger, big and blockly looking.

However, the 686's deep blue barrel and perfect case colored frame just sang to me. Now at home, I have some buyer's remorse--how many 22 revolvers can one man own? And the trigger, especially double action, is pretty wretched. Normally, I'd break it open and change springs at least, but on this gun, I have nothing but a schematic to go by. And the only springs I can find are Wolff generic springs that would need to be cut to fit.

And the darn thing looks so good, I don't want to mar it during disassembly. Anyone ever do a trigger job on one of these?
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