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OK, so the powder measure comes off after every session and discs are changed if I go from .38 to .44.

I can understand the theories about the measure and Seven's statement that all those loaded that day are light.

I did check the primers for any signs of pressure, in case: none.

I will say that I found one bullet on the floor, as stated, but also found two more in the wooden bullet catcher, behind the paper target, that had had so little penetration that they sat flush with the wood's sawn plane.

The issue is that the loads used are the same as all previous ones and, typically, I will tip every tenth powder charge into the Harnady digital scale to check the measure is charging well.
That day, I didn't need to re-measure any charges.

Having had lots of trouble to get the auto-disk to work consistently from the outset, I've been careful to do things that have been shown to make it concsistent so I do pull the lever all the way, each way. I do pull the lever firmly to help shake the powder above and I do perform the mini double pull on the charging stage to make sure any granules are all dislodged.

The data is 125 plated FN bullet, 39.39mm OAL, half-turn FCD crimp, 5.6gr of N350 powder (often leaves unburnt powder).
All these are shot through a snub Astra 680.

Some may say, up the powder charge by a couple of granules, but with unburnt powder, what is the point.

Is it the fact that powder is unburnt mean that my near minimum charge sometimes slips below the min charge, rather than a measuring issue?

Remember that this data and method are the same as the last time I loaded cartridges and previously they all shot well...
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