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What do these symptoms mean?.44Mag

Initially, I loaded both .38 and .44 using the same powder. This was fine to start with, but now I'm branching out.

Last week I loaded up and shot my first set of 240gr FNFMJ.
So, new bullets: 240gr, not the usual 200gr, FNFMJ, not FN plated, and a new powder: Vihtavuori N110.

This powder is the only VV that the Lyman #49 recommends for magnums.

I opted for a 19gr load due as a compromise between different load data I had and found online for 240gr bullets.

Each shot gave a decent shot, and felt recoil was about the same as a far lighter load of N350 (normally 12.6gr). None felt weak.
The shots were accurate,.. for me...

I saw no signs of over-pressure at the primer.

However, despite the size of the case, weight of the bullet and 4.2 inch barrel, I did find unburnt powder.

If I have unburnt granules now, then I imagine I'll have even more with higher loads, making the development of hotter loads seem a bit pointless.

So what could cause this?
Do I need a stronger crimp to increase pressures a bit?
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