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I have pocket carried for a few years now, and can offer a few observations. My cut off weight is 15 oz. Anything heavier, and it tends to swing in and out, hitting my thigh when I walk. A snub nosed revolver with a shrouded hammer(S&W 638)or enclosed hammer(Ruger LCR)is the best style revolver to carry. With no hammer spur,or a shrouded hammer spur, these draw from the pocket with ease. When it comes to an automatic, the smaller, the better. The Ruger LC9 is just to blocky for me to feel comfortable with it in my pocket. At 17 oz, its also just over my comfort weight. I really want to pocket carry my LC9, but just cant make it happen. The small pocket rockets, like the LCP and Kel-Tek P3-AT are a good size and weight, but are not very comfortable to range shoot all day long. Pocket carry is a trade off... its comfortable, but you give up size and weight, for capacity. Since I dont enjoy shooting my LCP, I carry a S&W 638/Crimson Trace, and a BUG, a Taurus PLY-22, or another snubnosed revolver. When you get that much weight in your pockets, suspenders are a great help. I dont like belts and am not comfortable wearing them. Im most comfortable in a T shirt and shorts, so I wear the suspenders under my shirt, next to my skin. This is what works for me the best.
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