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JimDandy, not all ranges are created equal. Note my comments on the setup of the one at my LGS.

While it is a bit more prepared for multi-dimensional training, it is not the only range I've been to where people have practiced "El Presidente" drills. My old IDPA club in Georgia did these at an outdoor range.

(This is a common drill, in multiple pistol organizations. With back to a row of three targets, at the whistle, the shooter turns and draws, double tapping each of the three targets; he reloads, then puts a round into the head of each target. Timed drill.)

Note that the range of motion the gun is likely to sweep during an El Presidente drill is very much the same as the range of motion likely to be swept from a crossdraw or shoulder holster draw.

Safety during such drills requires coordination and the strict following of basic procedures. This is not a drill that is supposed to be down with people in or near the arc of the sweep.

Your idea for practicing drawing drills at home isn't a bad one, but even there, safety protocols should be in place. (No ammo, for one thing.)
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