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@ MLeake, it was loud but I wasn't thinking about it in reference to anything else when last shot. Next time I go shooting I'll compare it with a few other rifles. There's a lot of app's to measure volume in the apple appstore- I may see if they work and what this GSR is working with!

@ Single Six, Ha ha thanks! Don't feel bad I felt the same way when I saw that guy's BADA$$ M1A LOL (j/k ATCDoktor) I think matte-silver would be awesome. I'm a duracoat junky myself.

@ alex0535, the front mounted scopes aren't for everyone! I gotta say though so far I LOVE the metal sights without any sort of optic. I'm going to play with several options, but thus far with having a little red-dot I LOVE the forward mounted optic. It's amazing how much easier it is to shoot with both eyes open. Again though it's still not for everyone!
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