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Wow, thanks *EVERYBODY* for all the great replys and info! One m4 that has always pqued my intrest is colt 6920. They seem to be getting scarce or just hard sometimes to find in stock.

One of the local Gun stores emailed me because he had 2 coming in, wow so cool! One came with the regular military grips etc... one was the magpul edition. Well I decided on the magpul one. Wow. I am so excited. I got it today and have it home tonight and can't wait to clean it down and take it out for some rounds.

I am really impressed with the quality and "tightness" of the tolorences so far. The trigger is very chrisp, not much slack.

So I settled on a Colt. LE6920 M4 MOE. I am very happer camper tonight...

Thanks for all the comment and info on twist rate. The new AR is 7:1
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