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Ammo Oxidation and how to prevent it?

So I had about 10 boxes of .30-06 ammo hanging around for whenever I felt like having fun. I havent touched any of them in, maybe 4-5 months. That was the last time I've gotten to go shooting. You're probably wondering "how does this guy survive?"

haha, but anyway, I noticed that the brass casing actually started to oxidize a little bit. It has a few slight "blotches" of dark marks. The bullets themselves seem fine. I was curious. This hasn't happened before, so I decided to look at my .22 ammo. My half-used box of Federal bulk .22 had also started to oxidize. The oxidation on the casing was negligible, but the copper jacket on the bullet had started to become dark!

Then, to my surprise, I checked some leftover Winchester 333 ammo. The bullets and casings were perfect, even though they were with the Federal and .30-06 ammo... As for the oxidation, I could imagine keeping the ammo in a humid place could expose them to excess moisture, and my old house was definitely humid. But why would the Remington .30-06 and Federal .22 ammo oxidize and the Winchester not? The winchester has been laying around for about 2 years now, much longer than the others!

Now, I've started to keep my ammo in ammo cans and I was wondering how I could prevent oxidation. I know ammo cans are pretty much immune to outside water, but what about any moisture that could be trapped inside? I'm sure if I left it for 10 years and checked it, they will have been affected? Would a couple little packets of dessicant do the trick? Thanks
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