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We all have dogs, so I noticed no one tried to say coyotes don't have fun or don't enjoy life.
Must have missed my first post.

You're mad because the bad shot wasn't acknowledged? Bad shots happen, it's part of hunting. It doesn't mean they enjoyed making the animal suffer or that they didn't care at all. They probably decided it wasn't good TV to whine about how much the coyote suffered because homeboy made a bad shot. Doesn't mean he meant to hit it bad, and it doesn't mean he doesn't care. It also doesn't mean that what made the final edit was all the time they spent looking for it. Maybe next time he'll wait a little longer for a better shot. Or maybe next time he'll shoot it again while it's spinning.

Way too many "maybes" to get your panties in too big a twist over it. In my opinion, of course.
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