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Hellow gentleman

I am the same "shawn" that wrote the article and did the testing roberts linked too

I am going to be doing more this weekend. 5.45, 6.8 double aught and pistol stuff

to the guy talking abouta shotgun. Number 4 buck over penetrated worse then what you saw. I am saving that for part 2. I dont suppose I need to comment about shooting anything in low light. shotgun or otherwise. thats why we use weapon mounted lights.. A well known trainer recently shot his own student in a shoot house because he didnt not have a light on the gun when shooting in the dark and could not do target ID.. among many other safety violations,.

To anyone who thinks HP in a light weight will keep penetration down, you are mistaken. IF anything, stick to a ballistic tip. with a very high velocity.,to get the jacket to frag and come apart ASAP when it hits anything. HPs SP, ball, and OTM will loose the jacket and just keep going. Keep checking the website to see the next few parts of the testing. I will be shooting through glass. more walls. drawers, and some brick to see what happens. Thanks for reading the website and thanks for sharing it on this forum

if you have any questions or requests to see me test something email me at

[email protected]
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