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This is clip from Sierra on how they test their bullets at 200yd no need to call just look at their site.

Sierra's experienced engineering staff maintains strict quality control throughout the manufacturing process. This includes in-line sampling, inspection at each major bullet assembly step, stringent manufacturing tolerances and accuracy firing tests.

Some of the most important quality control standards used are:
1. Weight Control of +/- 0.3 grain.
2. Jacket concentricity of .0000" to .0003" on target bullets and .0000" to .0006" on hunting bullets.
3. 100% final visual inspection for external defects.
4. Roving quality control inspectors perform other dimensional checks at the cupping, draw, trim and bullet assembly operations.

In order to accomplish accuracy firing tests, Sierra utilizes our 300 meter underground testing range daily. 200 yard accuracy evaluations are conducted on rifle bullets using a precision unrestricted machine rest. We also conduct daily 50 yard accuracy evaluations on our pistol bullets using a specially designed machine rest. If a group does not meet our high expectations, the production run is rejected. This rarely happens due to the quality control procedures that go into the manufacturing process itself. However, accuracy firing tests are still important to ensure that every bullet we ship is one we can be proud of.

I'm sure if we all had what Sierra uses we shoot small groups too as to the rest. When I was there they were using Hart barrels and they were going to run test for the 6.5x47 Lapua.

I should also mention Sierra does sell 2nd at a good price
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