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<<SIL took me out to shoot his CVA Accura .50 cal stainless black powder rifle this morning. He uses the Powerbelt bullets and 100 gr. of Blackhorn 209 powder. I couldn't believe the groups this thing could shoot.

I'm going to get the CVA camo stock "Wolf" with the cheapo scope to start out. I'm hoping this will do the job for now.

This would let me hunt in all the special blackpowder hunts around the state and not just during the one week of rifle season. I could also use it to hunt in the shotgun only counties.

Opinions please...>>

Since you asked for opinions:

For special blackpowder only seasons there should be

• No scopes
• No inlines
• No 209 primers
• No non-loose powder
• No lasers
• No plastic stocks
• etc

You want to hunt in a primitive-equipment season you should use primitive equipment.

Now, before anyone gets too upset, he DID ask for opinions and that's mine.
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