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Great review . . . thank you very much!

I've never shot a Walther or owned one. I did buy a used Bersa Thunder 380 CC with the intent of using it for my CC. The previous owner evidently had done some trigger work on it . the first DA shot was fine but when it then went in to SA after the first shot, it was way to "light" for my liking and I actually had a couple of unintentional "double taps". I traded it off but am seriously thinking of gettin a new Bersa. The one I had was a great shooter (with the exception of the too light trigger - not Bersa's fault). As you say, appearance wise, the Walther probably wins but performance wise, I loved the Bersa. It ate anything I fed it and it was a very comfortable pistol to shoot.

If I could find one fault (and it isn't limited to Bersa) . . . I wish that every manufacturer would include TWO magazines with a new weapon. At the time I purchased my used Bersa, I couldn't find a spare magazine. Perhaps they are more available now . . . but after much searching, I found one before I traded it off and the cost was around $35.

Thanks again for the great review! Very helpful!
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