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Either carry a proper caliber starting at a 380acp and get serious with firearm expectations or carry a can of bear mace.
So now pepper spray beats a 22???

So again with the question I originally posted...would 3 or 4 shots from a 22 be as potent as 1 from a 9mm or 45?
That's been answered, but the question should be: Would a .45 or 9mm be as effective if she couldn't shoot it well because she didn't practice with it because she didn't like the recoil and her dad made her choose that over the 22 which she was awesome with?

Haven't we all been down this road recently: A woman likes a certain type of gun, but the man in her life says it's no good. A woman can shoot a gun well, but according to her father/husband/boyfriend, she'd be better off with what he believes is a better option. Where's that Cornered Cat everyone calls when these threads pop up.

Let her shoot what she wants to shoot, choose what fits her best, and shoot what she can handle best. Then buy yourselves matching guns.
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