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...She cites numerous statistics about how the 22 kills more people every year than any other round...
I want to preface this statement by first stating that I am a big-time fan of the .22lr for so many reasons and even do not categorically discount it as a SD caliber in certain circumstances (for that matter, I often carry a Bobcat 21A as a BUG mostly because I haven't picked up a .380 yet).

But I have to say that there is absolutely no empirical data available for the continued "old-wives-tale" and seemingly perpetual myth that the .22lr caliber is responsible for more (recorded) deaths than any other caliber. Again I ask (plead) for a LINK to the empirical data that speaks to such. I, and as far as I know at least up until now, no one, has been able to produce said data--it's my belief that's because it's not true.

I get where the "belief" comes from in that the .22lr is very $cheap$ in all respects from the guns to ammo and, hence, it's quite popular in the inner-cities where the crime rates are "Beirut" like sky-rocketing (no, I don't buy the Feds stats that purport otherwise anymore than I buy their "shrinking unemployment" data).

Sorry if I went off on a tangent but I would really like to see the data that proves me wrong--otherwise it's time we put the "myth" to bed, if you will.

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