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papadork - by now, you've probably already either purchased a Heritage RR or you haven't. Obviously, there are some that don't like 'em . . . and that's fine . . . we all have different tastes. My suggestion is that if you are interested in one . . . go and look at it, handle it and see for yourself if one of them is "for you". I'm always amazed at the comments about "pot metal", plastic, etc. If a person uses those to "rule out" firearms . . . then he is pretty much limiting himself to "vintage" guns. My Henry has a Zamac receiver cover . . . works fine and is a great little shooter . . . if plastic rules out a gun . . then the popular Ruger 10/22 should probably be considered "junk" as well. Mine works just fine.

The Heritage RR is a reasonably priced SA 22 . . . a great little plinker. Mine shoots well, is accurate and a fun gun . . . and I own six Ruger handguns, two Colts and a S & W. Yes, a single six is a better quality gun . . . but even used it will cost you about twice the price of what the RR on sale is.

No, if you treat 'em like you're a wild west shooter and try fanning 'em, etc. . . they probably won't hold up . . . but neither will a lot of the better quality guns as well. If you use one correctly, it shouldn't give you any problems . . . if you have a problem, Heritage has good customer service. It all depends on what you're looking for . . . your budget . . . and what you like best.
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