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AR-15: If You Had One Choice?

I was going to purchase a S&W M&P-15 Sport model... As we all know (hopefully), Obama has intentions of reviving the assault weapons ban. I live in NY, a state where it is still active. The thing is, we all know about Barack Obama's "hatred" of these (deadly assault rifles). I don't want to get too political, as I believe it is against forum rules... What if Obama were to not just go for a ban, but a ban against actual weapon systems, such as the AR/AK platforms and the like?

If I were to go to my local shop, and order a solid, well built, reliable, basically no corners cut AR-15, what would I buy? Something that is a step up of the already solid M&P-15 Sport, but not as fancy/expensive as one of those piston driven rifles. MSRP, preferably about $900-1100, but hopefully no more.

Of course, this means it would have to have a NY compliant model, and I know Smith and Wesson has several models that are both NY ban (eastern states) along with California compliant models.

The M&P15FT

There's also an "optics ready" model, but I'd probably lean more towards the above. You've already got nice rails and less to do to the gun out of the box. Also, those magpul sights seem pretty damn solid.

I know the RT is above my price range, but out the door, it shouldnt be too bad. Before, I kinda leaned away from rails, I wanted to stick to a standard grip (not sure on terminology) but now, I guess you could say I'm getting paranoid and it's better to get a railed gun now, then want one later and have it be hard to get... What are some other brands/rifles that are NY compliant and similar to the above as far as quality and price? Thanks.
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