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Here is an update on my feeding problem. I ordered and received the EGW magazine catch today. Upon installing it I found that the EGW is a bit over sized and the end with the screw head would not fit through the opening. After some nudging with a soft hammer I got it to go in and tapping it in and out about 100 times it began to fit better, however, once fully installed I can't eject the the magazine without a tap of the hammer because it's still binding somewhere.

Taking some measurements, compared to my original, the EGW is about .002" wider at the screw end and fifty thousands longer but most of the extra length is added to the eject button end so that it sticks out further. The screw head end does not fit flush with the frame either.

Having said that, I was able to install it to test it. Near as I can tell, with the magazine lifted higher now, all the rounds feed ok but it's a very tight fit with no vertical play in the magazine. Even though it's a tight fit, I believe they lock into place well enough.

Comparing both magazine latches, it appears my original has a significant wear spot on the latch tip (assuming the tip is supposed to look like my new one), possibly enough to cause my rounds to nose dive into the ramp. With only 800 or so rounds through this gun the wear seems very excessive. I've EGW to seek an answer on the over sized EGW latch.
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