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Thanks DASGUY. Yes, AR Lowers are supposed to be transferred as "other", but how do you know what the gun store "expert" did on the 4473? That really is none of my business at that point. IMHO, if the "expert", does the transfer wrong, why do we assume the customer goes to jail. I have bought 2 lowers and one guy did the transfers. I didn't see him mark the 4473 for my lowers as I am done at that point.

I did ask him the other day what "other" was for on it and he said, "other". Then I asked if other was for when a customer buys AR15 lowers and he thought those were rifles. I said, "what if a guy builds them into pistols?" He said. "urrgh don't know. . .uh why not just make them into rifles," or something like that.

My point is, it is the "FFL's" responsibility to complete that portion of the 4473. If wrong, I expect the FFL to fall on the sword as they CLEARLY made the error. All LOWER's are "other."
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