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Thank you for all the help so far everyone. honestly I didnt think a 223 could get out to 500 yds holding a 1in MOA or better so perhaps that will be the new target for this gun.

I did go over to gandered mountain today and they had a used Savage Stevens 200 with a BSA "Sweet 223" 6 x 18 x 40mm optic for $299.99
any thoughts? Is this a good deal to start this build? is the optic a POS?
The action felt nice on the gun so did the trigger
Stevens 200
Sweet 223 scope

I looked at both rem 700 and Savage M11 while I was there as well (Couldnt test triggers because they all had trigger locks on them)

Remington 700
-The name (Own a rem 597 lr 22 and 870 express both are outstanding)
-The Safety design and placement (not a huge deal nor a deal maker)
-The vast majority of aftermarket parts
-The action felt "gritty" and stiff
-The 1:12 twist on stock barrel (Ive read ill need 1:9 to get to desired distance goal)
-Less you can do yourself when it comes to customization and tuning

-The action
-Stock Barrel twist 1:9
-The ability to do more customization to the gun with out gun smith
-Not familiar with the company
-The lack of aftermarket parts

The stocks Im looking at (recommendations)? Also want to mount a bipod not sure boyds or the silhouette will allow that (comments)?

Scopes thoughts:
-I want a Mil Dot
not sure about the rest

Also while I might be able to buy a setup to do what Im looking for... Im a DIY guy I enjoy new projects and learning from them =) why Im starting with the 223 and not a 338 lapua haha

Thanks again for the help so far
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