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I have a Thumler's Tumbler Model B Rotary Tumbler and it is fantastic. There is no dust floating around your work area like you get with corn cob media type brass cleaners.

I deprime as a 1st step using a Lee breech lock hand press with Lee Universal Decapping and Depriming Die...I know that depriming 1st is an extra step and I dont care because the end result is exceptionally clean brass inside an out including a very clean primer pocket and flash hole.

The 2nd step I use is to tumble and clean the brass. The SS media does not leave any visable wear or scrathes on the brass, in fact the brass is so clean that any early stress signs on the brass is easily visable. Occasionally, a couple of the SS media will get wedged in the flash hole, but it only takes a couple seconds to dislodge them.

After tumbling, I dry the brass in my Excalibur dehydrator, although any dehydrator will work fine. Some people dry the brass in their oven or over the fireplace, whatever works for you.

Buy once, cry once and make sure that you buy the high speed version, cost is around $179.00. I bought mine from along with the media, MidwayUSA has them for the same price. I bought 6 lbs of the media, all you need is 5 lbs but I wanted extra so when I "lost" enough of the SS media I would already have extra on hand.

I bought Lemi-Shine from Wal-Mart along with Dawn dish detergent. All it takes is a squirt of the Dawn and about a tablespoon of the Lemi-Shine, run it in the tumbler for 4 hours, rinse, dry and you are done cleaning.

After I size my rifle brass, I run my rifle rounds through the Thumler's Tumbler again for about 1 hour to clean the sizer solution off the brass, dry the brass in the dehydrator, and then I have clean brass for the final steps of the reloading process.
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