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Posted by afone 1: If you pop off one or two rounds, they are going to be running away so fast, if they didn't get hit.
Basis for that assumption?

Most SD shootings are one or two shots, if needed. That's when the thugs realize, oh crap, this guy has a gun and he means business.
Alrighty then.

Could be, but I won't sake my personal safety on what "most may or may not be.

A 5 shot 642 is fine for CC.
Unless if isn't.

I carried one for quite a while, but discussions linked in posts in this thread led me to retire it.

Also there is no honor among thieves. The ones that can run away will leave their wounded buddies behind. They are not going to stick around to see what happens next.
Unless the only way they can get away is in your car, perhaps with your significant other , or unless they are so close that finishing you off gives a better chance for survival than running.
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