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Thats really good advice. Yes, mounting something to the tube, you have to be careful.
I learned another valuable lesson from that experience when I went home and tried to polish the follower down enough that it would slide freely past my slightly dented tube. Turns out if you do get the follower polished to that point, it will also slide out far enough that it will interfere with cartridge interrupter when the last shell has fed which will lock up your action really nicely. It was just flat out DUMB on my part to try and make it work in the short term while waiting for a new tube, and as a result I had to order a new follower as well.

Since it's confession time, I also managed to dent the tube on a Benelli M2 by taking it apart with the wrong tools. That was a lot more costly a mistake, but it taught me that there's a reason to have the right tool for the job.
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