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At my father-in-law's farm, I once shot a 60 lb sow right between the eyes with a Ruger .22 pistol loaded with high-speed HPs. The bullet bounced off. I could hear it whistle as it tumbled end-over-end out into the corn field.
She squealed and ran a few feet, then shook it off and went back to eating. I shot her twice through the lungs. She didn't seem to mind very much. Finally, I got a slug into the back of the skull and she went down.

Needless to say, I don't think much of the .22 as a SD cartridge.
Two mistakes, HP bullets and shooting a hog between the eyes. It's all we ever used but we shot LRN bullets, usually Remington but really weren't fussy. Some from a revolver some from a rifle but all at the same point on the hog. From behind a neck shot below the skull or between the eye and the ear on the side of the head. Forehead is massively thick bone and has been known to bounce bullets from much bigger guns than a 22. If you shot her where you would shoot a deer you were way behind the heart.
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