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Not to get into the middle of this argument.....but I assume you guys know that some progressive presses - have the options of a powder check die, powder cop die ...or whatever / like the Dillon 650 or the Hornaday LNL ...that both have the option.

In my opinion - you still have to pay attention to what you're doing ....but have a powder check die installed, adjusted properly, gives you a big additional safety factor ...and extra security when you are running significant volumes of rounds on a progressive.

My Dillon 650 - with a case feeder - and powder check die installed ..easily lets me run 800 rds an hour off the press...and with that powder check die installed ( and using good procedures ) means every round is 100% based on what my goals are for that powder drop. I like reloading ....but I'd much rather load 16 boxes and hour .....than one box every hour off a single stage press.....

I still spot check the powder drops by weighing one, once in a while...or whenever the powder check alerts me to a possible issue....but I sure don't have to pull cases out of each of the 5 stations in the press every time I pull the double check everythign. I do run all finished cases thru a case gague as I box them up ...inspecting and checking each finished round for issues that would lead to feeding problems...

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