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There are lots of good choices for 9mm or .40 S&W autos...apart from the Kahrs and Keltecs, these glock-like pistols come to mind...

Double stacks...

Ruger SR9c or SR40c
Smith and Wesson M&Pc
Walther P99c (QA trigger or DA/SA)
Springfield XD Subcompact

Single Stacks...

Ruger LC9
Walther PPS
Springfield XDs (5+1 rounds of .45 ACP)
Smith and Wesson Shield (single stack M&P)

I'm kind of partial to the P99c, not too many double stacked autos are only 18.7 ounces, (the 99c is actually lighter than the PPS, but thicker). In fact, it's about an ounce lighter than a G26.
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