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Uberti Stallion 38 special loading issue

I recently purchased a new Uberti Stallion in 38 special. It has a problem. Put it a half cock and open the loading gate. When you turn the cylinder, once it clicks into place you can't load it as the cylinder has turned too far and the cartridge hits the side of the loading gate and won't go in. The only way to load it is to turn the cylinder and load the cartidge before it clicks. By click, I mean the hand that turns the cylinder when you half cock it slips into place so that the cylinder won't turn counter clockwise.

The gun has a five year warranty with Stoeger so I sent it to them but they sent it back to me and said that's the way the gun is made by Uberti and they won't fix it.

Does anyone have a Uberti Stallion in 38 special and do you have this problem loading it?

Pistol Pete 44 spc

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