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Looking for more small carry guns options.

So my EDC is mainly Glock 19 + Glock 26, or Glock 26 + S&W 38 J frame/Sig P938. I am looking for guns in these sizes[but not the 19], between the Glock 26,Jfame and Sig P938. Pretty much a Glock fanboy, but looking for more options, only have 4 peices I use for CCW, wanting to add another 1-2 in the next 12 months.

I have a few items for sale ATM and looking at buying later next month.

I am already looking at buying a Glock 27 to step up to 40 cal soon, but I need to rent to make sure I like the recoil in the small package.

I am looking for small guns that are good.

Please no S&W MP9c MP9, I thought about the Shield but I felt it and it felt cheezy. Budget <$700. Also no cheap $300< pistols, 380's 32's, etc... smaller than that. 9mm or larger. Looking for 9 or 40 cals no 45 please.
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