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Ouch 45 Auto. Not very nice.

If they stop pulling the handle every time to check powder, examine this, that and the next steps the whole way through, it's not much more than batch loading with one handle pull.
While I agree with your first statement you lost me on the last one.

The difference is simple. On a progressive you get a completed round with every pull of the handle and some allow you to do this without ever touching a case or bullet.

On a turret or SS all you would get with the same handle stroke would be a sized and deprimed case. Double your time and you have powder in all of them. Triple and you can seat a bullet. At 4 times the motion you have a crimped finished product. You can add some more time too for priming.

The press in the video above is putting out a loaded round every 1.5 seconds, simply impossible with any turret press.

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