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If Glock came out with something similarly sized ...or better yet, a Shield or PPS with an inch chopped off both ends, I would buy it in a heartbeat.
You and everybody else.
Seems they all only want to sell us what they think we need, instead of what we really want... go figure.

The Kahrs are just about the longest running micro-9, and its STILL the smallest after 10 years or so (the $1000 boutique Rohrbaughs dont count).
Its kinda pathetic really... all these years later with a massive influx of CCW spreading through most all states that the other company's have yet to better the Kahr in more than one way at a time.
Many better it in this way or that way, but none have managed to surpass its overall combination of trigger, size, recoil, etc all at the same time.
If only Kahr would "melt" the slides a little and do away with that protruding slide release...
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