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You Get What You Pay For

I bought my 6 1/2" model a while back knowing full well it was a very cheap revolver. To me, at this point in the game spending $400+ on a single action 22 revolver wasnt something I was willing to do, no matter how long it will last.

Now considering that I have broken the cylinder hand spring, not once, but twice within a year. The first time due to an uneducated handler attempting to spin the cylinder like it was a double action gun and the second time a week ago during standard shooting.

If you want something to carry with you every day when you go out in the woods or just need something you can depend on working when you need it, spend the coin on a single six. If you want a decent 22 single action revolver for range use and going out in the field once in a while, the Rough Rider will probably serve you just fine.
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