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AK 47 there such a thing?

Yes there is and I am one. I bought one due to the cheap price of ammo and for the reason everybody else has one, DURABILITY. I have never owned one or handled one. But due to the fact that........I have never owned one I decided to familiarize myself with one. Couldn't believe how rough it felt but rugged and manly and I believe I like it. Only problem is the slide wont ride completely forward when pulled back and one magazine is EXTREMELY hard to release. I am out to shoot it this weekend and see how I like it.
The snub is not a sporting handgun, it's a weapon. It's this vaguely sinister nature that draws us to it. It is power... power that can be held in the hand and wielded without mercy, if need be. It is simultaneously appealing and appalling.

If you won't trust me with my guns why should I trust you with my freedom?
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