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I own a beautiful S&W M48. Made in 1960. I love the K-22 and thought a .22 Magnum version would be nice. Well, it is.... but the extraction problems are frustrating. First six will extract with a firm rap. Second six might or might not. If you get those out and go six more... you will probably be taking the gun home with the brass in it. I asked about it on the S&W Forums and was told, "That's the way a lot of them are, you just have to live with it." I tried different brands of ammo and some were better than others.
So it sounds like it has more to do with the .22 Magnum cartridge than the number of chambers then. The way weblance worded his initial reply, it sounded as though having eight chambers was the problem rather than the .22 Magnum chambering.
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