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I'd think any operation could have some screw-ups like this and I can see where it would cause quite a bit of grief! I've often wondered about HEAVIER bullets getting mixed in with some lighter-for-caliber ones, and how that could create a potential over-pressure event in some loads...but then I figured that I'd have to have been failing in my part to not notice a significantly longer slug.

In any case, I've bought more Berry's plated bullets than perhaps the average buyer does and I can truthfully report that I've never gotten anything that was mislabeled or otherwise out of whack. Even the rare occasion when they've offered some manner of a "blemished" lot, I've been completely happy with those, too. I've gotten them from at least 5 different sources, too.

I've dealt with Berry's a couple of times and they are a fine group with a great product that I continue to use an exorbitant amount of.
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