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I just came up with this;

While Lee Jurras was a distributor of Auto Mags he produced many beautiful custom guns. There were:

235 Custom Model 100′s .44AMP, .41JMP & .357AMP
11 Custom Model 200′s Internationals .357AMP
1 Custom Model 200 International Bicentennial .357AMP
9 Custom Model 300′s Alaskans .44AMP
5 Custom Model 400′s Backpackers .44AMP & .357AMP
5 Custom Model 500′s Grizzly’s .44AMP
2 Custom Model 600′s Condors .44AMP
1 with no model number Cougar .30AMP
3 with no model number Metallic Silhouettes .41JMP & .357AMP

While Lee held the exclusive distribution rights, he used “LEJ” as the prefix in his serial numbers. After Lee gave up his exclusive distribution rights, he used standard “A” prefix serial numbered frames on his custom guns.

Lee also advertised non custom model 100 Auto Mags for sale. These were “A” prefix guns with a lion’s head on the receiver. They also did not come with Lee’s custom zebra wood grips or the “Gun-Ho” case. These guns were usually drop shipped from the factory and are considered to be worth less than a Jurras distributed custom model 100 gun.

Kent Lomont was another Auto Mag distributor who made and sold a line of custom barrels. The barrels that Kent sold had his very distinctive animal markings.

The Groundhog .22LMP
The Fox .25LMP
The Cougar .30LMP
The Antelope .357AMP
The Grizzly .41JMP
The Bison .44AMP
.45ACP Magnum

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