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Value of Colt 1911A1

I was given the 1911A1 by my doctor years ago. He was a WWII Artiliary Officer and this was his issue side arm. He told me it was only shot for qualification's only and holstered the rest of the time.
I found the following markings on the weapon:

Left side of slide marked COLT
H on the slide under the hammer
P proof mark on the left side of receiver
Ithaca inspection mark on left front trigger guard
Property of the US Govt on right slide
Ser # 1,2--,---
FJA on left side of receiver
Looks like Ordance stamp on right side of receiver, but only partly visible
Barrel PX-4 & above link stamped S P
Other than holster wear it's in great condition.
I ran 10 rounds through it myself.
Photo's available upon request.
I would like to sell it at this time.
Any help greatly appreciated.
'Ssgt. Tim
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