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Natman, I said there is "very lilttle ambient light" and did not say that you could not identify the target. Am I not correct that ambient illumination can suffice to id Mr. BG, but be low enough to make GRS slower to use than a simple bead sight?
Ok, let's say that target ID is not a problem, but lighting is still poor. Let's see, which is easier to find in low light, a tiny 3/32" bead or a 3/16" wide sight that's half an inch tall? Tough decision.

Some beleive that by using your light you just made a target of yourself, whereas before Mr. BG may not have spotted your position.
Some do not understand the difference between HD and combat. In HD you can't just blast away at a form in the dark.

With a GRS on the receiver it is much harder to use front sight only shooting (reflex, point shooting...,) as they teach for close range work at Quantico.
The point I've been trying, and apparently failing, to make is that proper use of GRS is front sight only work. It's just accurate front sight only work.
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