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As you will notice from the replies there are two camps...lovers and haters. There is seldom an in-between. In almost every instance those who own one love the gun. In almost every other instance those who really don't know anything about the weapon hate it. Listen to those who have experience.

I own one. It is an amazing piece of machinery. And don't listen to anyone who claims it is an overpriced .22 magnum. That's like saying a Ducati sport bike is an overpriced bicycle. The ballistics don't match, not even close. And those who claim they do are usually comparing a .22 magnum shot from a rifle to a 5.7 shot from a pistol. Big difference.

I shoot mine regularly and it is my go-to open carry gun. It is crazy loud with very little recoil. It's a little big for CCDW (at least for me).

Also, the reports of it not being a good self defense gun has very little substantial evidence. As the aforementioned coyote example shows the wound cavity can be huge.

Buy one, you will never be sorry.
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