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I had been reading so many positive comments on the Bersa, I had to see for myself. Since I am a rimfire fan, I bought the Bersa Thunder 22 in nickel. This little pistol is supurb. Its accurate, reliable, and very nice in every way. I have always been intrigued by the .380 cartridge, but never warmed up to my Ruger LCP, so I bought a Bersa Thunder 380 in Matte Black. The Thunder 380 is a great handgun. Its very accurate, has digested everything I have fed it, and is simply one of the best bargains out there. I bought a couple of the 9 round magazines for the Thunder Deluxe(works in the standard Thunder), and a Crimson Trace LaserGrip. For someone who needs a value handgun, the Bersa Thunder is the way to go. With the Crimson Trace, and 10 rounds of 380, the Bersa is a great self defense gun. For the price of the mentioned Walther, I got both of my Bersa Thunder pistols. There are so many budget handguns that have issues either of quality, or performance, but the Bersa Thunder series suffers from none of these. You can spend a lot more money, and get a pistol with a nicer finish, but when it comes down to actual performance, the Bersa Thunder can go head to head with any of those, and come out equal with the best.
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