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Again, it is not fair, I know if my reloads will chamber before I chamber them, I have an advantage, I do not fall for every bit and or piece of information available on the Internet, I would suggest you go back to using your full length sizer dies, I would suggest you learn to determine the length of the chamber from the bolt face? to the shoulder of the chamber, my opinion, you sized your case when you ‘snapped the barrel shut’, as opposed to closing the bolt with felt bolt resistance. I know, benchresters lube their cases? Again, my opinion, if you are going to size your cases when you latch up your barrel I recommend lubing your cases for easy extraction.

I do not know how many different dies are available for the reloader, I suggest the reloader get all the use out of out of a full length sizer die before taking Internet advise as in “You just ‘gotta’ have one of those Lee colet dies etc., ....”, again, I suggest mastering the full length sizer die first, THEN! there is the diameter of the case, the head of the case, the shoulder of the case and all points in between and beyond.

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