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Coyotes and ethics

You might check the thread, "My Coyote Jihad". Some hunters, perhaps with some ethical reluctance, see the personal damage done to pets, kids, and domesticated animals in general as a serious nuisance, and take appropriate steps. Ecosystems change in ways that require human intervention to minimize the aforementioned damage as well as the bigger problem or disease and starvation.

These factors can and have decimated coyote populations, just as with other species. In the west, where I live, rabbits and hares can over-populate an area and diseased varmint carcass's will damage other species. As you'll see in the pictures, predation by coyote packs can be problematic for deer populations.

I agree with the concept of the 'sanctity of life'. I avoid shooting 'varmints' unless there is a need - for food or reasonable population control.

Without wishing to stir a political pot too much in a shooting forum, I can only hope that those who's moral position demands that others respect the life of a rabbit, groundhog, or coyote also show equal respect and concern for the defenseless among the human species.

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