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Posted by .50:
Drawbacks to the AutoMag are that it is not easily scoped and since the barrel moves back and forth during cycling it tends to break scopes in the heavier calibers.
Man, that’s the truth! I tried mounting the lightest scope I could find – the long extinct 1.7X Hudson Handgunner – on the barrel extension of a .357 AMP. The folks at Hudson told me they were interested in the experiment. They wanted to see how well their scope would stand up to heavy G forces and would replace any scopes I wrecked.

When the AM is fired, the barrel extension moves back about ½” and stops against the frame, generating a gazillion Gs. I found that the Handgunner would rotate in its rings a few degrees with every shot. After 6 rounds, the screws sheared off and the scope and mount came off, bounced off my head and landed in the weeds. I remounted with bigger screws. This time, the scope tube broke in front of the front ring, dumping the forward end of the scope on the bench. End of experiment.

I had a machinist friend of mine fabricate a mount out of T6 aluminum that replaced the left grip and held the scope directly over the centerline of the bore. That worked great. I could remove the scope and when I put it back on, it didn’t lose zero. I used that setup for years without a single problem.
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