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Great responses on both sides of the proverbial coin.

Since I already have nearly every .45/.40/9mm known to man, I don't have to depend on the Five-seveN. I just want a unique and dependable alternative for awhile. It won't be an "OR" choice, it will be an "AND" choice.

I don't mind spending $$ on factory ammo, since I see the savings from reloading much of my other stuff. I pay to have some of my odd calibers reloaded, or buy factory ammo; so I just amortize the various costs of it all. I don't think about money when I'm burning rounds; just as I don't think about gasoline cost when I'm motorcycling.

The uniqueness, lightness, and accuracy is what's attractive; along with sharing ammo for an equally-unique carbine. Maybe it's infatuation with a novelty. (But I AM stockpiling for doomsday. LOL. And one never knows when a President might stop by and be in danger. ROFLOL.)

I peed myself just a dribble at the "bears wearing kevlar" comment. Hilarious.

Keep it coming. Good stuff, one and all.
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